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5 Yung Bae tracks we enjoy

5 Yung Bae tracks we enjoy

Dance floor rager, hands-in-the-air maker, “city pop” recreator: one of the cornerstones of the future funk sound, Yung Bae, is coming here to Manila this April 19.

Yung Bae’s music has been popular, if not influential, in the future funk and post-vaporwave scene. We’re big believers that his brand of funky music has always been perfect for the dance floor, and now that he’s performing in Black Market as part of his Asia tour, we’ll finally get our groove on. While we’re waiting to get some deep cuts straight from the producer himself, here are some tracks we enjoy from his discography.

1. Rich Chigga – Dat $tick remix

Trap anthem turned funky, groovy bop? Nice. This remix showcases Yung Bae’s signature style of editing: sample heavy, groovy, and highly energetic. You know it’s a Yung Bae track a few seconds in.

2. Bae City Rollaz

Banger, through and through. You probably came across this in the “weird part of Youtube” a.k.a. the best part of Youtube.

3. Weslee – Yung Bae remix


This official edit isn’t as famous as some of his other releases, but it’s pretty good.

4. Selfish High Heels (w/ Harrison + Macross 82​-​99)


Dubbed a “quintessential future funk track,” Yung Bae collaborates with fellow future funk producers Harrison and Macross 82​-​99.

5. Fly With Me


Probably his best track off his first (and arguably his best) project. Who can’t nod along to this track? Seriously.

Find out more about the Manila leg of his Asia tour right here.


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