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What a concept: Crocs, but with heels

What a concept: Crocs, but with heels

So there’s a Pro-Croc movement that refuses to stop giving Crocs a chance. As if the cringe from the duckbill-capped shape wasn’t enough, Montreal-based artist Gab Bois created a new hybrid of the infamous shoe.

The latest Crocs makeover is a hot pink heel that debuted in Vogue Runway’s Instagram, marked “See fashion first.” It comes in a hot pink heel version. According to the post, the designer coalesced a “Croc from a dollar store” and a second-hand “gorgeous red feather stripper heel.” Gab also took inspiration from the famed Croc platforms that walked the Spring 2018 Balenciaga runway.

Along the striking pink heel, the internet was puzzled over the “Cyprus V,” a conservative but “extremely comfortable” orthopedic sandal. On haute Crocs, which apparently exists, there is also a “harmless bubblegum pink pointy heels.”

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Source: Balenciaga

Perhaps Crocs has become such a statement item that it’s easily distinguishable despite its shapeshifting abilities. While many will probably beg designers to stop creating these hybrids, we’re here to watch. And cringe.

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