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Deadpool 2 Will Begin Filming Early Next Year

Deadpool 2 Will Begin Filming Early Next Year

By Nico Pascual
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Deadpool 2 is set to begin production early next year, with the film’s producer revealing what he knows about the superhero sequel. The first iteration became the highest grossing R-rated film when it hit cinemas last February. Ryan Reynolds played the ‘Merc with a Mouth’  in a film filled with profanity, violence, and nudity not seen in a superhero film before. The producer revealed more details before the recently concluded Saturn Awards, “The guys, [screenwriters Paul] Wernick and Rhett [Rheese], are working on the script, and we hope to have the script very soon.” Variety confirms that Ryan Reynolds and most of the original cast is coming back for the sequel, and Ryan excited about playing the character again. “I never want to play another comic book character again; Deadpool, I would like to play for the rest of my life – that’d be fun,” he mentioned to Cinemablend. 

We’re still not sure what the actual storyline will be about but from the looks of the ending credits, we’re expecting Cable to join in on the fun. While he did appear in many comic books over the years, the gun-toting mutant has been a prominent fixture in Deadpool comics, with one of the more significant stories being Fabian Nicieza’s “Cable & Deadpool” series released back in 2004. The series’ main storyline is hard to summarize exactly but it dealt with technoviruses, a dystopian setting complete with a giant floating city, and lots of epic fight scenes. But whatever the final story is, expect plenty of mischief and mayhem when Deadpool 2 drops in 2017 or early 2018.





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