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What’s on your mind: Art Fair 2019, selfies, ghosting, and free drinks


February is the most beautiful time of the year for art enthusiasts because of Art Fair Philippines. It’s the best time to roam around an air-conditioned parking area to view hundreds of artworks. On one wall, you’ll find Malang. On another, there’s Ang Kiukok. Then, somewhere on the fifth floor, you’ll find a participatory David Medalla piece—sorry, Christine Lazaro (Liza Soberano in Alone/Together); we didn’t find Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Renoir here.

It’s a fancy event. Totally. Because there’s a certain degree of formality and opulence attached to it, Art Fair is an event where you’d rather close your mouth than reveal what’s really on your mind. In an attempt to reveal some of these thoughts or musings or brain farts, we got photographer Eric Bico to create a narrative about a young, broke individual who gets ghosted on the day he visits the fair.


Story and photography by Eric Bico
Featuring Christian of
Special thanks to Quayn Pedroso



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