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The creative burnout is real in Rhxanders’ “Is It Real?” MV

The creative burnout is real in Rhxanders’ “Is It Real?” MV

Looking for something to ease your nerves this week? We got you covered. On March 21, Manila-based African-American-Filipino musician Rhxanders released the visual counterpart for “Is It Real?, the third track off his 2018 EP Questioning Answers / Answering Questions.

As what is expected with a vocoder-dominated track, “Is It Real?” in video form feels like a one-way ticket to a satisfyingly hypnotic journey of our inquisitive minds. It’s loose but confined. A full headspace of our past, present, and future. Most of all, in motion—just like how our curious thoughts always go.

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In this music video directed and edited by Jon Olarte, we can see Rhxanders in different positions: sitting, standing, and lying down with his hands on his instruments alone in the middle of lahar. Sometimes, with his clones. This probably says a lot about our crave for escape, much more bringing our creative minds along with it.

It definitely isn’t easy, but it doesn’t mean we’ll stop doing it. Heck, probably never. I’d say we just join in as Rhxanders sings, “Got enough passion to keep on creating but all this inner frustration keep making us caving in.”

Watch “Is It Real?” here: 


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