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Pineapple Lab wants to exhibit works by “gallery virgins”

Pineapple Lab wants to exhibit works by “gallery virgins”

It’s a good time to be an artist today. With the rise of the internet, young artists can post their works online and gain traction. Well, thanks to Instagram and various Twitter hashtags, artists can reach the people they never thought they would reach. It’s a great opportunity, but nothing beats the feeling of putting your work on an actual wall in an exhibit.

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But for a young artist who hasn’t ever exhibited their works, how is that even possible? Isn’t the process too excruciating to begin with? Not with Pineapple Lab.

Last Saturday, Apr. 13, the experimental art space has posted a call for “gallery virgins” or artists who have never exhibited their works at a gallery before. Pineapple Lab says that they want to give these artists a good first time. They are now accepting works in various visual mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, mixed media, photography, and digital art.

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If you are interested to see your work at an actual gallery space, fill out this form and submit two hi-res photos of your sample works, which should not be bigger than two by two feet. Pineapple Lab will confirm accepted entries on Apr. 26.

Now, if you have an unfinished work lying around your room, it’s time to feel your oats and finish that work!

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