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Missing ‘Rick and Morty?’ Here are 5 shows that can fill the void


Rick and Morty fans, rise from your slumber! Season four is airing soon. When we say soon, we mean by Nov. 4 this year. At least that’s what their announcement video indicated. No one can really predict what Hammond and Roiland would be up to. After all, they aired season three during April Fool’s last year, catching everyone off-guard.

That’s a pretty classic Rick and Morty move. This show is chockful of WTF moments mixed with hilarious space hi-jinks and existential arcs. Although we’ll have to wait six more months for the new season, this doesn’t mean Adult Swim can’t offer us alternatives.

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From surreal to existential, fucked up to eerily mundane, here are some shows that can comfort (or disturb you) while waiting for season four.

Off the Air

Think of it as a huge video mixtape that airs at 4 a.m. On their graveyard shift slot, they feature an assortment of visuals and tracks, following different themes like Worship or Liquid. It doesn’t really follow any context. So when it airs, it’s more of a stream-of-conciousness made for channel surfing night owls. It is nothing and everything. It is simply Off the Air.

Mr. Pickles

It’s about a kid’s pet dog who seems sweet and adorable, but he’s actually the devil incarnate. The only one who knows about this is his owner’s grandfather. With this knowledge, the grandfather tries to expose Mr. Pickles’ carnage and literal throne of skulls to his family. Too bad Mr. Pickles is always one step ahead of him.

It uses entertainment violence, Satanic imagery, and a speed metal track for their opening sequence. What more can you ask for?

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Moral Orel

This show captures the surprise depth we all love in Rick and Morty. Set up to be a satirical take on religious children’s animation, Moral Orel is a deconstruction of a wholesome American family. They delve into topics we only think about in the bleakest moments of our lives. As a young religious boy in the suburbs, we follow Orel’s journey on understanding religion, shattering “the perfect family,” depression and escapism, and more importantly, the loss of innocence.


This show is a trip. It’s a surreal, gory, comedy series about a magical jail built inside an active volcano. It’s home to ultra-violent prisoners and the deranged staff who wants to experiment on them. After each episode, there’s a long sequence of surreal carnage at the corners of the screen. It’s twisted, hilarious, and an all around good time for those who can stomach it.

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Fishcenter Live

Out of all the shows in this list, FishCenter Live is tame. It’s basically a parody on ESPN’s sports announcers. There are four guys commentating on the life and times of the fishes inside their fish tank. In between their fish tank talk, they talk and do whatever. They even have guest stars and musical performances. There’s no point to it and that’s the point of the show.

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