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BuwanBuwan Collective’s post-Fete playlist brings the beats to your bedroom

BuwanBuwan Collective’s post-Fete playlist brings the beats to your bedroom

We can’t blame you if you still have a Fete de la Musique 2019 hangover. After 52 stages worth of fresh music, a lot of which is hard to find online, it still feels like a wonderful, musical fever dream.

If you weren’t able to catch that one act that caught your attention from a stage away, maybe you can find them in this post-Fete roundup courtesy of BuwanBuwan Collective. Feel free to hunt for your new, undiscovered faves, too.

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BuwanBuwan’s monthly Now Rising playlist is all about putting the spotlight on new electronic acts around the Philippines. It’s “a celebration of sound,” according to BuwanBuwan. It’s a damn good lineup, if we have anything to say about it.

For July, Fete acts take the virtual stage in a double feature. The two playlists, Alpha and Omega, contain 20 tracks each. That’s 120 minutes worth of sweet, sweet electro-music for us all to enjoy. Everybody say thank you, BuwanBuwan.

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The genres range from hip hop to bedroom pop to house to electro punk. You might see familiar names like crwn, BLKD and BABYBLUE on the lineup, but a good majority are undiscovered hitmakers that are ready to make it into your personal rotation.

Want to discover your new favorite artists? Listen to BuwanBuwan Collective’s post-Fete playlist here:



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