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Attention, pet owners: Spotify for Pets is a thing now

Attention, pet owners: Spotify for Pets is a thing now

While you’ve been jamming to your algorithm-curated playlists on Discover Weekly, Spotify took it upon themselves to find what’s severely lacking in an age where your computer makes mixtapes for you: playlists for your pets.

Dubbed “Spotify for Pets,” the music streaming service’s newest feature customizes playlists based on your furry friend’s personality. Spotify’s recent move is based on pets’ affinity for music—as 69 percent of owners serenade their critters—and the idea that “most pet owners think that music can help pets relieve stress, boost their happiness and keep them company.”

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The algorithm used will be based on animal-type temperaments straight out of a Sims customization—choose between ranges like “relaxed vs. energetic” or “shy vs. friendly.” The feature is currently focused on dogs, cats, iguanas, hamsters, and birds, but we’re hoping for an expansion for those that have a little more unusual taste in animal companions.

To take it for a spin, head over to Spotify’s website.

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