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Google reveals people think the coronavirus comes from Corona beer

Google reveals people think the coronavirus comes from Corona beer

Google Trends recently tweeted their data on specific search trends related to the coronavirus. The actual tweet aimed to spread awareness on the aspects of the epidemic that most people are trying to get more information about. Perhaps, in part, it also aimed to unify Google users by emphasizing their shared struggles and concerns as global citizens.

This proved a bit too successful as they uncovered shared confusion as well. Their tweet prompted internet sleuths to discover Google searches for the keywords “corona beer virus.” The find has also been shared by online publications locally and abroad.

Ah, yes. The consequences of sharing a name with a virus. 

We decided to check this out ourselves to see what’s up.

There it is. And the Philippines ranks 27th in the list of total searches.

Though basing from the related search terms, a certain amount of people who were searching for dank memes could have contributed to what seems to be global confusion over a potentially lethal illness and a known alcoholic beverage.

Whichever it is, I might as well state it here to be completely safe: No, the coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona Beer. Alcohol intake is only dangerous if you drink enough to damage your liver, drive after or text your toxic ex, jsyk.

For actual info on the coronavirus, make sure to check out official news sources.



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