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Make room Batfleck, Robert Pattinson’s first screen test as Batman is here

In case you haven’t heard, not a lot of people liked the 2017 Justice League film. The movie that gave us Batfleck, reverse harem Wonder Woman and, most importantly, a trove of sad Ben Affleck-promoting-JLA memes.

If you haven’t heard that, then you probably haven’t heard of the entire DCEU being lowkey retconned by introducing the concept of a multiverse. Yep, the OG cast still “totally exists”–just in a different universe. This is a pretty clever way to explain an entirely new cast headlining the JLA after the lackluster 2017 adaptation, especially since the concept is canon in the comics.

Last May 2019, Robert Pattinson was announced as the alternate universe Batman, thereby getting the opportunity to get rid of the collective mental image we have of him breaking into Kristen Stewart’s bedroom in “Twilight.” For those who have a hard time imagining him as the caped crusader, you’re in luck: Director Matt Reeves has just released footage of him in the iconic batsuit and the reactions online are pretty positive.

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Aside from RoBat (Rob Batman) making his debut in “The Batman” next year, there are also rumors of Michael B. Jordan being tapped for the role of Superman in an R-Rated superhero flick. With two out of the JLA holy trinity already being in the works, that would leave Universe B Wonder Woman. Finding an equivalent for Gal’s Wonder Woman might be a tall order, but with the new technicolor WW movie coming out this year under the direction of Patty Jenkins, it looks like we won’t see her multiverse doppelganger yet.

Take a look at the sleek new suit for yourself and sound off your thoughts.

The Batman – Camera Test from Matt Reeves on Vimeo.


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