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This COVID-19 game is made by a 14-year-old Filipino game developer

What do Gen Z kids do during quarantine? Their daily routine might consist of finishing That One Serieson Netflix, tweeting out their late-night ECQ feelings or changing the game within the confines of their bedroom. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this 14-year-old game developer with a new game all about killing COVID-19. 

Reddit user _n0cturnal posted his game last Apr. 9. In the r/Philippines subreddit, he shared the gameplay all about COVID-19 prevention. It took him two days to make, although it’s still in the works. Still, it didn’t stop Reddit users from giving him the props he deserves. 

“I started learning C# a few years ago but only got into game development last year,” he says in the comment section of his thread. He used the following to develop the game: the game engine Unity, Visual Studio Code for code editing and the programming language C#. “I think experimenting a lot with the engine and coding is what got me to where I am now.”

The gameplay for his beta game is simple: The player needs to kill the virus with their mask on and a trusty shotgun on their side, but they’ll get killed if the virus touches them. Although, this feature is not yet shown in the video. 

N0cturnal’s game is in the early stages of development. So far, the game is only available on Windows. He did disclose that he plans to upload the game on “I will release a testing build when most core mechanics have been implemented,” says the young game developer.

Check out his gameplay below:

I’m a 14-year-old Pinoy game developer, and I’m making a game about killing the coronavirus from Philippines

Still from _n0cturnal


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