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A sneak peek into this upcoming Korean BL drama

A sneak peek into this upcoming Korean BL drama

If regularly plunging into YouTube series “2gether” makes a huge chunk of your lockdown life, consider yourself lucky. There’s an upcoming Korean boys love (BL) drama coming out next month, Koreaboo confirms. Raise your hand if you’re the target market (because we are).

Titled “Where Your Eyes Linger,” this show will tell the romantic story of two 18-year-old boys Tae Joo (Han Gi Chan) and Gook (Jang Eui Su), as Soompi reports. What do we know so far? Well, the unpredictable Tae Joo is a chaebol who’s part of a royal family. Meanwhile, the intimidating Gook—who’s Tae Joo’s friend and bodyguard—always keeps close to Tae Joo. According to Council on Foreign Relations, a chaebol is a “combination of the Korean words ‘chae’ (wealth) and ‘bol’ (clan or clique).” They run family-owned businesses with subsidiaries across various industries.

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Co-produced by W Story and Energedic Company, web series “Where Your Eyes Linger” will be directed by Hwang De Seul, known for having written dramas “Love As You Taste” and short film “Spring in Summer.” Koreaboo shares that this show aims to break the stigma between LGBTQ+ relationships in Korea. Come on, representation.

Han Gi Chan has previously appeared in “Produce X 101,” and Jang Eui Su in “Bad Papa” and “Psychometric.” Adding to the characters of this BL show are extroverted and energetic student Hye Mi (Choi Gyu Ri) and Pil Hyun (Jeon Jae Young), who keeps getting his girlfriends stolen by Tae Joo. But these two will end up being friends—which will make Gook view Pil Hyun as a competition.

Slated to premiere on May 22, “Where Your Eyes Linger” will have eight 10-minute episodes. While waiting, allow us to recommend some local BL shows. We promise they’re the queer content you deserve.

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