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Sorry about ‘French Dispatch,’ hope ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ animated storyboard helps

Sorry about it, Timothée Chalamet stans. We all know you’ve been hoping to see him in a Wes Anderson flick real soon. Due to COVID-19, this opportunity is delayed until October. 

We’re as sad about it as you are. Until then, let’s enjoy Wes Anderson’s animated storyboard for his last release “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” 

Nowness shared a five-minute clip from this soon-to-be Criterion classic. In this storyboard, they start with the opening shots of the film. We see the fictional European alpines of the country Zubrowka and the sketches of the hotel facade. Anderson also narrates the animation as it plays for the viewers at home. 

If you’re crazy about symmetrical shots and pastel, here’s your chance to study the master at work. Click here to watch the storyboard narrated by Anderson.

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As for Chalamet heads (Chalameteans? Curly haired-white boy stans?), we’re sorry for your momentary content loss.

Still from “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

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