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Your palms know what element you’d bend in the ‘Avatar’ universe

It’s the question that’s been on our minds since 2005. We took countless quizzes, said “agree to disagree” with some of them, but the answer might just lie in the palm of our hands—literally.

Based on a guideline posted by Twitter user @theforcebender, your “Avatar” persona could be inferred by the shape of your hands. And no, this shouldn’t take as long as an actual palm reading. The guide shows that Earthbenders possess smaller hands owing to their rough technique in hauling blocks of land. Waterbenders, on the other hand, have longer hands for their smooth maneuvers. Airbenders like Aang have shorter palms and longer fingers, while folks in the mighty Fire Nation have longer palms and shorter fingers.

Previously, another guide following similar criteria circulated around Tumblr. The handshape template is based on palmistry guides, which also correspond with your astrological sign. As for whether this is canon in the “Avatar” universe, this interpretation still lies in fanon and headcanon territory.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be sitting here staring at my hands like this guy, trying to figure out what exactly my handshape is.

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