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We made an auditory care package to help you sleep

We made an auditory care package to help you sleep

If you’re reading this: Yes, you’re not the only one who’s lost all sense of time recently. Having breakfast at noon and dinner at one in the morning isn’t all that uncommon three months into the lockdown. The problem is, your body clock is probably messed up right now.

Worldwide, people have been reporting a distorted sense of time during the quarantine. According to cognitive scientist Sophie Herbst, Ph.D., it might be due to a loss of temporal cues, which mean regularly occurring events. Now that weekends aren’t all that different from weekdays, and 1 a.m. is just as idle as 1 p.m., our brains lose an anchor to orient us on time.

If you want to start turning your vampire hours around, here’s an auditory care package for you to fall into blissful slumber.

Get Sleepy

The goal of this podcast is for you to never reach the end of an episode—because you should be asleep well before that point. Get Sleepy is a series of storytelling sessions with a quick meditation exercise for you to relax your mind. The soothing narration is courtesy of Tom Jones (not the singer), who guides you through stories like a day in the life of a bee or diving underwater for corals.

Tibetan singing bowl sound baths

Tibetan singing bowls are traditionally used by Buddhist monks for meditation. In this case, it’ll send you off to dreamland. Many lengthy mixes are available on YouTube for free. Speaking from personal experience, I always seem to get more vivid, pleasant dreams with sound baths. Here’s me passing on this gem to you.


Sleepa is a sleeping aid app that contains a ton of relaxing sounds from nature. Whether you like the pitter-patter of rain or the soft sounds of a bustling city from 10 stories up, Sleepa has it on deck. The app has a premium version, but the free version offers more than enough to get you a good night’s sleep. You can download Sleepa on Google Play.

This Cardi B ASMR video

For a flamboyant rapper like Cardi B, she’s a pretty good ASMRtist. Cardi made an ASMR video with W Magazine back in October 2018, and the video has since been viewed 38 million times. The rapper says she’s a big fan of ASMR and listens to them every night, and it’s evident in her impressive ASMR skills. She don’t dance now, she makes money moves—and successful ASMR videos, apparently.

Art by Tine Paz-Yap

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