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Rich Brian’s ‘Love In My Pocket’ MV will be a collection of your dank edits

Rich Brian’s ‘Love In My Pocket’ MV will be a collection of your dank edits

Rule 1,807 from the made-up internet handbook: When you post something green and/or blank, expect meme lords to go to town with it. In fact, 88rising is giving folks full permission to do so—they might just score a slot in a Rich Brian music video.

If The Sims’ customizable options were an MV, then Rich Brian’s “Love In My Pocket” is probably it. The 88rising rapper lets viewers choose their own adventure with his so-called “unfinished” MV, which features him walking endlessly on a treadmill amid a green screen backdrop.

Is it unintentional? Is it a work of post-postmodernism that speaks to art’s interactivity? Rich Brian has one thing to say about the MV’s unpolished state: “I couldn’t go on tour this year so I ran out of budget for vfx on this video lol”

Well, now fans can help with that. In their recent post, 88rising announced that they are gathering some of the most creative and downright dank edits of “LIMP” (yes, they’re calling it that). The artist will personally select some of his favorite clips, which will end up on the official MV at the end of the month.

Fans and meme aspirants can join by uploading their edits on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with the hashtag #LoveInMyPocket, and tagging @RichBrian/@BrianImanuel and @88rising. Time to crack those knuckles, Reddit dwellers.

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Still from “Love In My Pocket”



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