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Filipino writers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking for you

Filipino writers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is looking for you

After scouring the internet for Filipino voice actors last month, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is asking for help again—but writers are being summoned this time.

On his official Facebook page, the “500 Days of Summer” actor called for Filipino writers to hop in his project. “Looking for people from the Philippines who like to write… know anyone? :),” says his caption along with a photo that’s said to be set in Donsol, a municipality in Sorsogon. 

To join, all you have to do is stare at this photo for five minutes, immerse yourself in the location and vomit some words properly. For this prompt, the actor’s asking only for one to two sentences that would describe this “beautiful moment” caught on camera. 

When you’re done, submit it to HitRecord, an online community for creative collaboration founded by the actor himself. BRB, channeling my fifth grade essay writing contest energy.

Still from “500 Days of Summer” 



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