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21 things CL made me feel with her teaser

Eight seconds. Eight seconds was all CL needed to have me feeling all sorts of things. 


You’d think a teaser from K-pop’s Baddest Female would have been a lot longer, but eight seconds turned out to be everything: From the nostalgia of seeing “I go by the name of, you already know” to emotions only explainable by emojis.

Here are 21 things CL had me feeling:

  • Nostalgic because, c’mon. You already know.
  • Disappointed that there’s no audio clip of her saying “I go by the name of, you already know”
  • Like I’m back in high school again and I’m mooching off my friend’s neat lil iPod
  • H y p e d because? CL?? And 88rising??? Please????
  • Like ?  an ?  annoying ?  emoji✌️ copypasta ??
  • Disappointed (2) because “Fire” on Spotify is still not the Korean version
  • Like Lady Gaga rattling off about Ryan Murphy
  • Kinda stupid, really ‘cause I’ve been replaying that teaser testing if I feel any different each time
  • Like I want to dedicate my next #ScoutThirstTrap article to her
  • Like going on Twitter to bombard people with my fancams
  • ? ? ? 
  • Worried that her comeback will (dare, I say it…) f l o p
  • Worried that other Blackjacks will find this article and throw tomatoes at me for saying that
  • The guy from the “wow” vine
  • Like I’m a Twitter stan with a screencap of my messiest tweets shown on one of those “reading thirsty tweets from fans” videos
  • ?  because Minzy left a comment on CL’s IG 
  • Like Sherlock fuckin’ Holmes because I’m scouring her social media for any more comeback hints 
  • Disappointed (3) at the missed opportunity to slide in an “I’m back, bitches” 
  • Like binge watching “2NE1TV” again
  • Like I’m about to have another song on repeat again 
  • Happy because, stan culture aside, CL’s actually a great rapper and a legend in the K-pop industry


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