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If TALA’s “lucky!” isn’t on your playlist, wyd?


It’s easy to drown in deafening noise these days, so we turn to tracks that play havoc with the dullness. Well, what can we say? Shout out to the artists who keep making music for us right now—like pop-R&B singer-songwriter TALA

On Sept. 4, TALA released a new single, “lucky!” With its warm layers and on-point lyricism, this track honestly bows to our one step forward, two steps back progress when it comes to moving forward. 

Masked by its grooviness and chill energy, “lucky!” also tells the messy, frustrating and confusing part of getting over anything. Is it a sin? Nah, it’s perfectly human for us to retreat and move along. With a track that slaps, we can’t help but wish to see TALA perform live again. 

Brace your hyperspecific Spotify playlists, kids. Make way for “lucky!” because why not?

Listen to “lucky!” here:

Still from “Ain’t Leavin’ Without You” MV



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