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Conspiracy theory: What if your bag’s not a bag?



If you’ve hoarded (or still hoard) a lot of bags (like me), chances are they haven’t reached peak potential yet because they’re stuck in your wardrobe, waiting to see the light of day again.

It’ll probably be a long time before you can use them again, so here’s how you can (probably) find purpose for your quarantined knapsacks.

I can’t quite guarantee stellar results because it doesn’t take a license to bear the title “unashamed bag hoarder.” But you’ll never know until you try.


Assemble a headpiece

Well, a little like this, sure. But with style. (Photo from Depositphotos)

It’s kinda embarrassing to jump into a virtual meet when you’ve just gotten out of bed and your hair’s glaring evidence of that. You could try and tame it, if you dare have enough time. Or you could consider hiding your bedhead with an improvised headpiece. 

All you need to do is take a bag that’s more or less the size of your head, open the main compartment and wear like a hat. 

If you’ve got a big ass rucksack, great. Use the outer pockets to hide your hair and let the rest of the bag’s shape add volume to your look.

If you’ve got a fanny pack, wear it as a headband to hide your bangs, like you’re either starring in a K-drama or prepping for a workout. No one will ever know (or ask, because they’d probably be too stunned with your… bold fashion choice).


Ditch the Christmas stockings

C’mon, look at those tiny ass socks. You can do better. (Photo from Depositphotos)

Now I’ve never seen good ol’ Saint Nick, probably because 1) I don’t have a chimney and 2) … I won’t say it, just in case I ruin some kid’s dreams. 

But hey, don’t let disenchanted me discourage you. The ’ber months are here, so go ham and decorate your house if feeling the Christmas spirit’s the only way that’ll salvage your hope for humanity.

But forget those tiny ass stockings. Go big or go home: Hang a bag instead and slap your name on it. A bigger container means more candy and presents, right?


Befriend the local feathered creatures

Nah, we’re serious. Birdwatching’s a legit hobby. (Photo courtesy of Herschel)

ICYMI, birdwatching is a real course people take, and a real hobby to consider if you need to relax and be one with nature. 

You can curb your quarantine loneliness with some birdwatching, even if it’s just sitting by your window and gazing at birds perched on electric wires. 

Nah, I’m serious―birds are pretty neat. There are thousands of bird species and they’re almost always around.

If you’re seriously considering trekking the path of a novice birdwatcher, you’re gonna need your own birdwatching kit (even if it’s just a notepad and a pair of binoculars—or a phone with incredible zoom). 

You could pull out one of your rarely used knapsacks for that, but our friends over at Herschel have a little something for us besides a shared love for birds: They’re celebrating their 10th anniversary with a collection that even cooped-up bag hoarders looking for a new hobby can definitely get into. 

The Birds of Herschel collection features bags of every size for all of your bird-befriending needs, from a fanny pack for a handful of bird seed to full-fledged rucksacks for the evolved birdwatcher you’ll become. 

Photos courtesy of Herschel

Plus, the bags showcase bird species from the town of Herschel in Saskatchewan, Canada, where it all started for Herschel. Not only does this make for a cute, whimsical design, this also lets your new avian friends know how serious you are about bonding with them. 

As the collection swoops down this Sept. 18, you can start calling dibs on your bird attractors of choice on Lazada, The Travel Club, Grind Philippines and Bratpack. Embrace your newfound hobby with backpacks and duffle bags retailing for P3,790 to P6,990. If you’ve got a minimalist aesthetic to maintain, you can cop a crossbody bag or waistpack for P2,490 to P2,990. These babies will also be available on all physical Herschel stores starting on Sept. 25.

Even if you’re not into birdwatching or any of the things mentioned here, don’t let your bags rot in the closet forever. Your bags have a lot of potential to bring out your sense of adventure and thrill, even if your definition of adventure is birdwatching five feet away from your house or making your nth Zoom call a little less boring.


Art by Yel Sayo



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