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Want the new Lorde album? You better vote, sis

You know what’s definitely melodrama? Waiting for Lorde to drop that new album. 

We’ve been writing about Lorde dropping hints on her much-anticipated third studio album with producer wunderkind Jack Antonoff. And yet, we’re still left hanging this 2020. But we’re here with another update from none other than Lorde, our savior herself. 

On Oct. 8, the Kiwi singer/songwriter broke her social media hiatus to send an important message on Instagram. She encouraged fans in New Zealand to vote for the upcoming elections. She also pointed out the two referendums this year, the End of Life Choice Bill and Cannabis Legalization and Control Bill. She asks her Kiwi fans to read up and have their voice heard by going in the polls. In exchange, she’d give us something in return. 

“Do it for our beautiful country and for me. And next year I’ll give you something in return,” writes Lorde in her IG stories. “As a result, fans online soon began speculating that Lorde’s highly-anticipated third album could be coming at some point in 2021,” says NME.

Last May, she updated us on her new album via newsletter. “The work is so fucking good, my friend. I am truly jazzed for you to hear it,” says Lorde. Well, we’re still jazzed and still waiting. Let’s hope 2021 is truly the year of the Lorde. 

So if you’re a fellow Kiwi and over 18, you better vote. The world is waiting for our Lorde to rise again.

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