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Here’s what streetwear looks like when it’s brutally honest


As streetwear claims its place in the highly competitive retail industry with overpouring sales (or resales) and a hardcore fanbase, several brands have taken their rep up a notch by proving that it’s more than just clothes. Brands like Nike, Kaws and Noah have recently been speaking out on injustice and other sensitive topics that most labels are too afraid to touch. This has created a positive ripple in the fashion industry, prompting several more brands to use their platforms for a greater cause. 

Sure, countries don’t necessarily share the same issues and concerns, but standing up for justice and equality represents a clarion call familiar to everyone. The Philippines is no exception. 

And while the streetwear scene in the Philippines can still be considered niche, some of our fave local brands make it a point to share their thoughts on social issues,  regardless of the size of their audience. Yes, we’re thankful that some brands we look up to actually look out for us, too. And yes, we’re blessed with collections that stand out both for their overall product execution and in-your-face messaging. One of these is WeDrool and Hysteria’s recent collaboration.

The Makati-based brand known as WeDrool is all about satisfying our cravingno, not for food but for personal growth. But the collection’s well-curated hints of poetry and unique color patterns in their tees don’t hurt either. 

At the other end of the collab lies Hysteria. The Pampanga-based brand connects social movement with streetwear through iconic designs on its graphic tees. From pieces calling for an end to contractualization to shirts calling out the government for its constant mishaps, Hysteria gives us a tasteful mix of design and purpose. 

The collab titled “Forthbring” mixes the unapologetic political tone of Hysteria, and WeDrool’s fresh visuals to add heft to their array of luscious tees and caps. From black graphic tees decked out with the loaded question “duwag ka ba?” to purple-hued shirts telling us that we can’t piss on this world, each piece in the collection is an artwork, a political stand and, not to forget, a comfortable wear. With  price tags ranging from P699 to P799, every piece is surely a steal. Check out the pieces here:

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