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Kendrick Lamar might be dropping new music ‘real soon’

Kendrick Lamar might be dropping new music ‘real soon’

Welcome to the next installment of “Is This Artist Finally Dropping Music: The Never-ending Series.” After RiRi and Lorde, this episode will tackle the Pulitzer Prize winner and rapper who has left us hanging since 2017, Kendrick Lamar.

The latest word on the street comes from Lamar’s fellow rapper and collaborator The Game, who has claimed that Lamar is releasing new music sooner than we think. While talking to fans on Instagram Live earlier this week, the Compton rapper shared that he spoke with Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, founder and CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment, which is the label Lamar is signed under.

“I talked to Top Dawg. You know, he told me Kendrick ’bout to hit n****s with some shit real soon and shit. So, you know, who knows how real soon that is but if Kendrick is working, that shit is always major,” The Game said.

In case you’ve lived blissfully under a rock, Kendrick Lamar hasn’t released an album since the critically acclaimed “DAMN.” What followed in the next few years were several rumors and updates about its potential successor, with news saying that he has reportedly “finished it.” (This was, of course, way back at the start of 2020.)

Back in September, however, Lamar was spotted filming a new music video. His name has also graced several headliner spots for music fests in 2021.

As for this new update, we don’t know if The Game is right about Mr. Lamar dropping anything real soon. But let me just say, he’s correct about one thing, at least—that shit will be major.

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