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Learn more about Unique Salonga’s new label and label mates

Learn more about Unique Salonga’s new label and label mates

Yes, we all know Unique has gone solo. For some, it’s unfortunate that he had to leave IV of Spades, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. Unique’s departure has undoubtedly left a big shadow in the resulting pieces leftover from the fallout. While Zild, Blaster, and Badjao continue on as IV of Spades, what can we expect from the former vocalist who’s striking it out on his own?

O/C Records ? #OCRecords #UNIQUE

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The answer is in the above photo: O/C Records, apparently headed by Callalily frontman and Unique’s manager Kean Cipriano. What do we know about the label? Not much aside from what we can see on their social media. Everything is fairly new, aside from a bunch of intriguing information, particularly Unique’s label mates. If the O/C Records Instagram page is any indication (which it usually is), accompanying Unique at O/C Records are Bita and the Botflies, Rice Lucido, Earl Generao, and Frizzle Anne Dimayuga.

Unique may be the most recognizable name in the bunch, but his labelmates aren’t short of talent. We’ve heard of Rice Lucido’s soulful flair in her performances, as well as Bita and the Botflies’ imaginative and interesting “Sisikat Ka Iha” music video. Whatever happens next, one thing is for sure: O/C Records is definitely on our radar.


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