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“Nood Tayo ng Sine” helps us get cinemas back on their feet

“Nood Tayo ng Sine” helps us get cinemas back on their feet

These days, streaming sites are our best friend. But while more films have become available for us to watch in the comforts of our home—thanks to the surprises by filmmakers themselves—let’s not forget about our cinemas.

Luckily, we can help our local cinemas get back on their feet. According to a post by Cinematheque Centre Manila, The Film Development Council of the Philippines presents a new initiative called “Nood Tayo ng Sine.” Now, before you go off, this won’t force us to head to the cinemas while breaking IATF protocols. Instead, this campaign is working with local movie houses to ensure that there will be a safe space for moviegoers once rules get adjusted.

By joining their mailing list, we’re ensuring local cinemas our much-awaited comeback—once the wrath of the situation dies down, of course. We can’t deny that heading to the movies sounds pretty awkward in the “new normal,”—so this is where the vision of “Nood Tayo Ng Sine” comes in. After signing up, guarantee that you’ll be alerted when local cinemas open again.

Check out their post for more details:

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