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Hey, “2gether” fans: Win Metawin wants to visit Mayon Volcano

Hey, “2gether” fans: Win Metawin wants to visit Mayon Volcano

If you’re missing SarawaTine like all of us, here’s some news to beat those post-”2gether” blues: Win Metawin actually wants to visit Mayon Volcano in Bicol.

During their first-ever Global Fan Meeting today broadcasted on V Live, Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin answered a couple of questions from fans after performing some tracks from the show’s OST.

One lucky Filipino fan got the chance to ask the duo about their dream travel destination. After several jokes, Vachirawit chose the Maldives, while Metawin straight-up answered Mayon Volcano in the Philippines. “It’s very beautiful, like a painting,” Metawin said, even trying to describe the famous hangout spot to viewers via hand gestures. “The view and the landscape [are] so beautiful.” We’d like to feel what Mayon feels right now.

Although traveling isn’t a top priority because of the world’s current crazy state, the fact that Metawin is interested to visit the country makes us hope for shows (and actual live fan meets) here someday. For now, we can sit back and wait for the Tagalized run of “2gether” on iWant (because why not?)

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