X died and was replaced by a lookalike: a conspiracy theory post

By Romeo Moran

The internet makes a lot of random things happen, and that’s a huge part of its entertainment. Yesterday (or sometime around that) the conspiracy theory claiming Avril Lavigne died sometime back and was replaced by a lookalike—the “Paul is dead” and “Tupac is still alive” legend of our generation—resurfaced again, because the internet.

Now everyone’s turned it into a meme, because that’s what we do in this decade. The core of this meme is quite simple: just claim that [PERSON] has died secretly, and there is a conspiracy which involves [PERSON THAT LOOKS LIKE THE OTHER PERSON, OR THE SAME PERSON LOOKING DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE PAST] pretending to be [THE OTHER PERSON]. The joke is just poking fun at the fact that some people can’t deal with the fact that someone can change a lot.

It sounds basic, but as with all memes, the best ones depend on execution. In this case, the resemblances have to be really uncanny and outlandish. Here are some of good ones, which you should enjoy before everyone beats the meme into the ground:


Photo from Nylon