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Scout Friday Picks: Debbie Then

Scout Friday Picks: Debbie Then

Forgive us—we haven’t done Scout Friday Picks in a while, but we’re back.

Our first Friday Picks playlist of the new year is perfect for Valentine’s day, courtesy of Magic 89.9 DJ Debbie Then, who just wants to listen to songs with her crush. Maybe in a car, maybe at home, maybe somewhere alone; all that matters is that the feelings are expressed through music.

R.LUM.R — “Frustrated”

“This is what you play when you’re catching feelings and you wanna just (low-key) put it out there.”

Khalid — “Location”

“The meet-up song. In your car, on the way, texting on your phone, fixing the schedule for plans of right now.”

Mansionair — “Speak Easy”

“The build-up. A song about longing and possibly losing intimacy that makes for a great song to inch a little closer.”

Carly Rae Jepsen — “All That”

“The make-out. A guilty pleasure of mine, I once played this for a guy who thought Carly Rae was ‘bad.’ It’s safe to say I changed his mind on this topic. ”

Ryan Hemsworth — “Snow In Newark (Chet Porter Remix)”

The memorable impression song. This auditory feast is a hidden gem that’s a personal favorite. It never gets old to me and also seems to impress a lot of new people—crush included.”

And as always, we put it all together on Spotify, with extras. You know the drill.


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