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The Official Scout Roundup Of The 2017 Grammy Awards

The Official Scout Roundup Of The 2017 Grammy Awards

Although this may be the first time we’ve talked about this in this space, we secretly love the Grammys. It isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s still an awards show we’d trust over the Oscars.

This year’s awards were pretty awesome; for the categories and genres we cared about, people we loved won, and people we didn’t like didn’t win. (And the Grammys have a lot of categories.) Allow us to take us through a brief point-by-point of our thoughts during the whole thing:

  1. First and most important of all, Chance the Rapper got the recognition he deserved. After it was announced last year that the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, the body that gives out the Grammys, was making albums released through Spotify and Tidal eligible for awards, we speculated that Chano’s Coloring Book was going away with at least one award. Well, he did more than that; Chance won three awards—Best New Artist, Best Rap Album for Coloring Book, and Best Rap Performance for “No Problem.”
    1. Oh, and he totally killed his performance, bringing “How Great” to the forefront in a medley that also has “All We Got,” “Blessings,” and a little bit of “No Problem.” We’ve come a long way from Kanye moaning “You can rap about anything except for Jesus.” Watch the whole goosebumps-inducing thing here.
    2. “Panda” getting nominated for Best Rap Performance is hilarious to us.
  2. Secondly, the Chainsmokers got too many nominations. Three nominations (including one for motherfucking “Closer”) is three too many.
    1. And we’re glad Flume beat them.
  3. Beyonce owns for her (very) pregnant performance. That Virgin Mary cosplay is going to earn the ire of the CBCP by tonight, we’re telling you, but it’s so boss. Unfortunately, Lemonade only won two awards (Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video for “Formation,” vindicating Kanye yet again) thanks to Adele bagging almost all gramophones for 25 and “Hello.”
  4. Speaking of Adele, her work is great and all, but we feel like Lemonade deserved that shine this year. Sadness sells, but in a time where bravery in politics and art is needed now more than ever, Beyonce should’ve gotten that for making an entire statement with her album. “Formation” should have been Record of the Year and Song of the Year over “Hello” (which won both) just because.
    1. But Adele knew better and threw the deserved spotlight on Beyonce in her speech.
  5. Anti and Purpose got nominations, but didn’t get enough love. “Work” and “Love Yourself” were nominated, but didn’t win.
  6. “Hotline Bling” did, however. It’s catchy and all, but really? And Views didn’t deserve an Album of the Year nomination either. Seriously.
  7. Really happy that Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” won Best R&B Performance. (For those keeping track, it’s an award given to how well the song is sung.) A Seat at the Table should’ve snuck in a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album—to lose to Lemonade, but still.
    1. Also glad that BJ the Chicago Kid’s “Turnin’ Me Up” got that nom too.
  8. David Bowie’s Blackstar got most of the rock and alternative awards, but that’s about as high as it gets for rock in 2017. 
  9. Finally, we’re happy that A Tribe Called Quest is alive in this decade again. And they’re continuing the Trump protest train. Watch:


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