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We Can’t Believe It Took Them Forever To Put New Pokemon In Pokemon Go

We Can’t Believe It Took Them Forever To Put New Pokemon In Pokemon Go

After so long, Pokemon Go developers Niantic Labs are finally putting in brand-new Pokemon in the game. Yes, there are more than 151 Pokemon. Yes, people have been waiting for them.

Here, trailer:

They did actually add some new Pokemon a couple of months back, but they were the baby versions of some existing Gen 1 Pokemon (Pikachu, the Hitmons, etc.) that you had to get by walking and hatching Eggs. This is the real deal now, though, but the problem with this update was that it’s been rumored for the longest time, since as far back as October. We know the real answers to this question, but why’d it take forever to pull off?

Other additions to the game include new Berries (introduced in the Gen 3 games), new wardrobe options, and new reactions from Pokemon during the catching part. Noticeably still absent is the ability to actually battle with other trainers or trading with them, a vital part of the core game experience. Without it, the new Pokemon are complete strangers to casual fans who have either only played the first games or saw the anime. (That thing about trainers bonding with their Pokemon by battling? It’s truer than you know.)

This should give a little life to people still holding on to Pokemon Go, but the truth is there’s still only a few of them left. Gamers have discovered that the main experience is utter boredom after you get past the novelty of catching a lot of uncommon Pokemon, and without interaction with other players of the game, expect the hype to die down soon. People have already figured out the con. We’re not giving this game beyond 2017 to live.

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