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We’re looking forward to Tomorrow

We’re looking forward to Tomorrow

2016 was a shitty year. People reacted all sorts of ways, including reacting with a similar shitty attitude which may still linger today. Obviously that doesn’t help, but what can we do, be idle and just soak in all the bad vibes? Maybe what we can do is put all that crappy feelings away, dig deep, take charge, and wild it out. Tomorrow’s latest drop makes you look the part. “We wanted people to let loose and be more animal, “Tomorrow co-founder Tim Lopez says.  “It still follows the whole dialogue of hope and optimism we want to push, but a lot less controlled.”

Clothing brand Tomorrow’s new collection is bold and striking compared to its previous release. The inspirations are manifold. “The lobster shirt was based on the life of a lobster. Lobsters have pretty long lifespans, but it has to go through and adapt to all sorts of hell to survive. The design on the sweater is inspired by the Mayan calendar that surfaced around 2012 during the whole 12/21/12 apocalypse scare.”

If there’s any binding idea, any inspiration, that goes into Tomorrow’s latest collection, it would be hope. “Tomorrow could be brighter and more exciting, Tim says. “And if it isn’t, then we’ll wild it out today and see what happens. We won’t always know, but we can take comfort knowing it can be pretty great.”

Catch Tomorrow’s release tomorrow night, March 31st, at Mow’s. As with what they did last year, Tomorrow is also dropping a special event shirt that looks preeetty cool. See you there?

Find out more about Tomorrow here.

Photography by Carlo Nunez



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