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Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Stay hydrated, ya’ll

Last week’s #ScoutFaves: Stay hydrated, ya’ll

Despite the coming of a few rainy days, the temperature isn’t really getting any lower for the season. Keeping hydrated will never get out of style, either way. We take water for granted way too much as well. Taking 8 or more glasses is no joke, guys–water keeps your skin plump and helps all your vital organs run the right way. Never forget to pop a bottle of good old H2O in your bag + a tube of moisturizer. Don’t use oily skin as an excuse; you still need to lather up some lotion to keep the healthy oils at bay. Just some friendly advice from us here at Scout. We don’t want any of you guys getting sick (as one of us just did after neglecting to drink up the good stuff).

Anyway, onto what we’ve been checking out the past week:

Romeo, Editor-in-chief, @roiswar

Bliss – Okay, I know it’s more than a week old and it’s already been given as an answer last week, but I finally got to see it over the weekend. Bliss is one hell of a ride, ending a little too abruptly for my closure-seeking ass but managing to raise the right kind of questions. It’s now up to everyone in our society to address them.

KFC’s Sisig Rice Bowl – Still taking the country by storm after a few weeks, the sisig rice bowl may very well be one of local KFC’s best creations. Do yourselves a favor and get an extra order of Funshots, and if you’d like, drown the whole thing in gravy, too.

Denise, Associate Editor, @denibeans

Eighth Mermaid’s Vida full piece swimsuit in merlot – Because I’ll be going on a beach trip with my family next month, I began hoarding bathing suits and bikinis from practically every store I could possibly find. And I got to use one of my favorite purchases, Eighth Mermaid’s Vida suit, over the past weekend when my friends and I went swimming. Eighth Mermaid is my favorite swimwear store because the stuff they have are so quality and simply designed. The stretch of the fabric is perfect and their XS fit is super comfortable on me. I honestly think I’m going to hoard some more bikinis from them, which means more excuse to organize even more beach trips (lol)!

“Cards” by BP Valenzuela feat. CRWN – Man, BP never disappoints! I put “Bbgirl” on my faves not so long ago; I’m probably going to put the entire Crydancer on my future list when it comes out on July. I love the vulnerability that “Cards” evokes–you can hear it both in the lyrics and the song production (and I always do adore CRWN’s collabs with any artist). This music video fits the track perfectly as well and it says so much without showing too much. Like the rest of her fans, I’m really excited for the rest of BP’s second album.

ARCONA’s Cranberry Gommage – My last exfoliator was Lush’s Ocean Salt. And while I love it, I couldn’t use it regularly since it was too rough for my skin. ARCONA’s Cranberry Gommage is much gentler, but is able to do the job right. This is great for oily and acne prone skin. It gets the dirt out of your pores and cleans out your skin while leaving it as smooth as a baby’s bottom after. Also, the scent of it is so potent (in a good way, of course) that your entire bathroom will be smelling like fresh cranberries as soon as you start using it. The only downside is that this gommage is not budget friendly. Boo.

Grace, Graphic Artist, @GraceAnnD

A-TEAM’s femme group performance at The Demo Vol. VI – I swear, Dora Dorado IS MY QUEEN! The recently concluded dance concert by the team definitely had me on the edge of my seat but this performance by A-TEAM’s representatives to the adult division of Hip-Hop International Philippines’ Luzon qualifiers–this just takes the bag. Shout out to my friend, Mark Sanchez, who’s part of this group too! Now let me hear that “ispageti pababa pababa ng pababa…

A post shared by BLK 513 (@blk513ph) on

BLK 513 – I think I may be a little too late for this one. But I just tried it and I think I’ve found my soulmate. Call me old, but I’d rather have frozen yogurt than ice cream anytime. My favorite mix? The dark skim cup with 1963 chocolate chip crunchies, kiwis and mangoes, and topped with some faux ferrero sauce. Mmmm….

Lex, Editorial Assistant, @lexcereal

Puma Ignite v3 x Staple NTRVL Collection – Nope, I don’t have the pair. But I did catch the release at SNEAKPEEK last week and I got a taste of the sneakerhead life. What are sneakerheads anyway? At what point did these people go “the things that cover my feet will what I’ll be known for.” Clothes are weird, no? Maybe I need some fire jawnz to understand.

Northern Man – I’ll be sharing more about these guys when we release our ScoutxCSB musical roundup, but I can say now that I really fuck with their sound. Psychadelic lo-fi they call it. Just listen.

Master of None – Okay, i’m only starting season 2, but this might be one of the most accurate portrayal of the life that I live in currently. Aziz Ansari is a good actor and a great producer of this show that goes from issues with parents to racial identity to trust issues and commitment. You know how conversations in sitcoms don’t really fit in well if done in real life? Master of None doesn’t have any of that shit.


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