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How to update your dad’s looks, according to Andre Paras and Kaila Estrada

How to update your dad’s looks, according to Andre Paras and Kaila Estrada

By Zae Plana. Photos by Cru Camara

Dads take pride in everything they do and really own it, from the way they parent us to, yes, wack dad jokes. A lot of times, they also own their dad styles—if you’re lucky, your dad knows how to put himself together, but if you’re not, you know they could get cringeworthy.

Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect time to bond with your favorite man, and to give him a unique gift that’s all you. Try revamping his usual style with something from your own you think might work. If that’s your plan, you’re in luck—we asked Kaila Estrada and Andre Paras pick out some pieces that would definitely help out their own dads.

The Adventurous Conservative

Kaila Estrada, daughter of well-loved funny guy John Estrada and It Girl on the rise, shares a love for athleisure with her dad. “My dad’s style is a cross between young and dressing for his age. He is not really into prints and colors,” Kaila shares.

Gray shirt from Baleno; Pants and coat from Markus; Bag and shoes from Salvatore Mann; Accessories from SM Accessories


John’s usual formal wear is a nice blazer on top of a shirt. With this in mind, Kaila chose something similar, but with a fresher take. The pop of blue in the blazer isn’t what John would usually go for, but its toned-down hue along with the blacks and browns makes this outfit work.

Kimono from Markus; Striped tee from Men’s Club; Black twill pants from Baleno; Shoes from Milanos; Gray backpack from Salvatore Mann; Accessories from SM Accessories


This sweet cross between casual and semi-formal screams more Kaila than her dad. It’s still a blazer and a shirt, but it’s totally revamped with a kimono instead of your usual suit. Though we’re sure John would be hesitant about the kimono, Kaila is confident that her dad will take a liking for this outfit once people start complimenting him. So if you ever see John Estrada in a kimono, you know what it is—and tell him he looks great, too.

The Comfort Titan

Aside from his basketball and acting skills, Benjie Paras seems to have handed down his own fashion sense to son Andre. ““He  would sometimes comment on what I wear and say, ‘Hindi yan bagay parehong dark (it wouldn’t match if they’re both dark),‘” Andre shares.

His dad’s taught him the art of mixing and matching, along with complementing pieces, such as a loose top on tight jeans and balancing different hues. His dad’s advice let Andre find his own look and seek out clothes that emphasize comfort and style.

Andre says his dad is all about comfortable and weather-appropriate clothes. Benjie also doesn’t shy away from prints and colors. As big men with limited sizing options, Benjie and Andre’s clothing selections come as no surprise.

Blue pullover from Markus; Gray striped tee from Men’s Club; Bag from Salvatore Mann; Shorts from Baleno; Sneakers from Milanos; Accessories from SM Accessories


Keeping in mind what he learned from his dad, Andre looked into the details of each piece and made sure they’d complement one another. The result? A loose royal blue sweater paired with khaki shorts that make up a comfortable smart casual outfit for his dad. Although a bit different from his dad’s usual polos at formal events, Andre is confident that Benjie can pull this one off.

Plaid shirt from Tank; Gray Star Wars shirt from MaxWear; White shirt from Tee Culture; Shorts from Code Blue; Sneakers from Milanos; Accessories from SM Accessories


Benjie’s closet is usually full of printed shirts, so for a more casual look, Andre picked a laidback plaid flannel shirt to be worn over character shirts from Star Wars, straight from Tee Culture and MaxWear, SM Men’s plus size brand. The combination is a leisurely ensemble that fits his dad just right.

For a guy with a tall height and big build, Andre was hyped about MaxWear. “We usually have a hard time looking for nice clothes that fits us right. I’m so glad they have a plus size brand,” he says.

You can do the same for your dads too this Father’s Day—treat them to a special new outfit right from The SM Store Premier, and they too can look flyer than they ever did before.

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