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Read A Young Chris Evans’s Internship Cover Letter

Read A Young Chris Evans’s Internship Cover Letter

Everyone started out somewhere at one point, and even the dashing man who would eventually become Captain America had to cold-send a bunch of cover letters hoping to get an internship for the summer.

Chris Evans’s dad, while presumably digging through a stack of Old Chris Evans Things, discovered a copy of a cover letter Chris Christopher wrote while he was in college.

Man, look at that thing. It’s super formal, almost to the point of awkwardness. But we suppose being awkwardly formal is a lot better than carelessly lax in a cover letter, and it’s something we wish a lot of today’s youth still knew how to do.

Thankfully, everything turned out well for young Christopher:

That serves as an important lesson for kids out there anxious about stepping into the real world: just keep grinding. Sometimes it’s just the plain elbow grease that gets you a job. Oh, and don’t join HYDRA.


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