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K-pop is trying to bring back the mullet and it’s horrible

K-pop is trying to bring back the mullet and it’s horrible

Trends are usually recycled throughout time. ’80s fashion made a comeback in the last couple years, thanks to the release of Stranger Things. Now, a lot of people have been imitating ’90s fashion. It won’t be long until ’70s trends will be back and kicking. Yeah, we get it. And it’s totally cool.

But some styles are meant to be buried six feet under. And they should just stay there.

Case in point: the ’80s mullet.

Hello, ’80s John Travolta.

It’s basically one of the staple haircuts of that decade, usually worn by men with the hair short at the front and sides and long at the back.

And yeah, the mullet is making a comeback with a vengeance…through K-pop idols. K-pop’s been recently inspired by the ’80s but we totally didn’t expect that the mullet would come along with it. Celebrities have been sporting it since early this year but the number of them seem to only be increasing as more and more months pass.

Who’re the idols caught with this tragic hair style? We’ve got…


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2. G-Dragon

Photo screengrabbed from G-Dragon’s Instagram account.

3. Baek Hyun (EXO)

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4. Mino (WINNER)

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5. Tae Il (NCT 127)

6. Him Chan (B.A.P)

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7. Zico (Block B)

8. Nam Joo Hyuk

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