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Scout Friday Picks: Dom Zinampan

Scout Friday Picks: Dom Zinampan

One could say that Dom Zinampan a.k.a. Tito Boyet, frontman of “smegmacore” garage punk quartet The Gory Orgies, guitarist of Homophoebe, and bassist of The Buildings is the face of “literal label” slash group of friends (mostly musicians) Idioterne Inc.. Just like the psuedo music collective that is home to all his musical endeavors and bands the likes of Yūrei and Ourselves the Elves, he is out of the box and completely unapologetic about it.

A reluctant patron of the arts and recipient of last year’s Purita Kalaw Ledesma Award for Art Criticism at the Ateneo Art Awards, he’s been slumming his days writing and recording the Gory Orgies’ first album and creating commissioned “bad ornaments” of which he’s only accepting payments of P0.5 and P0.10 for. Picking songs that best speaks to his natural state of paranoia and current uncertainty with himself (both in the personal sense and in terms of the world’s reality), he’s given his playlist the title: “The Paranoid’s Soundtrack to Everything Going Haywire.”

And provided a cautionary side note:  “Despite this, I still manage to find humor in everything, and I think the songs on this playlist all evoke in one way or another this attitude; this capacity to have fun and laugh at the face of impending doom without necessarily diminishing the severity of our situation (eg. mass surveillance, the imminent threat of nuclear war, encroaching fascism, fake news, and etc.) or taking the easy route of tuning out and feeling apathetic.”

Dr. StrangeLuv – “Be the Boss”

“A collage of pop culture masquerading as a pop song. Imagine every TV channel and radio station colliding and fusing to form this mutant evoking Odelay-era Beck, Spaghetti Westerns, B-movie sci-fi/horror, Tropicalia, and Americana.”

Geoff Muldaur – “Brazil”

“Somewhere in an austere and Orwellian concrete jungle, an ersatz Bossa Nova-muzak showband is playing this track, all of them grinning ear-to-ear against their will.”

Micachu and the Shapes- “Low Dogg”

“A mundane and synthetic interior cages one driven mad by never-ending routines and the realization of too many things controlling us. A buzz gets increasingly louder before one irreparably snaps.”

Suburban Lawns- “Janitor”

“A song with “Cold War anxiety” written all over it. Brings to mind: nuclear warfare, hijacked TV stations, and frontal lobotomies.”

Black Dice- “Ultra Vomit Craze”

“The aliens have taken over and are partying over our corpses.”

Boredoms- “Nice B-O-R-E Guy & Boyoyo Touch”

“A Japanese schizophrenic Mac DeMarco losing all motor control.”

Yurei- “Hopscotch”

“All lines of communication are down, all distress signals are unheard, we’re all pretty much screwed.”

Animal Collective- “The Purple Bottle”

“One big majestic flight of fancy, grandiose declarations propelled at breakneck speed, manic infatuation crescendo-ing off a cliff.”




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