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Data privacy, AI, and design thinking in 2017’s Y4iT

Data privacy, AI, and design thinking in 2017’s Y4iT

Last September 5, 6, and 7, thousands of delegates, most of which were IT students from all over the Philippines, came to SMX Convention Center to learn, collaborate, and network with experts in the IT field.

But the event wasn’t just for IT students but everyone who turns to technology for our future. In the tech-rich and tech-dependent landscape we have, it’s best to have foresight on what’s next and what’s new, and what else but learn from the best?

But in the world of IT, it’s not just about the latest app, gadget, or feature. It’s all about thinking abotu the big questions, considering how wide and tight the grasp we have on technology, and technology has on us. Commissioner Raymund Liboro, Chairman of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) underscored one of the most important issues in the IT landscape today in his keynote speech: data privacy. “It’s very, very, important that the Philippines establishes itself as a responsible country with responsible citizens in protecting data and upholding the right to information privacy,” he remarked.

Moreover, Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Assistant Secretary Allan Cabanlong recaps the history of cybercrime in the country. He said, “If one of you is not secure, then all of you are not secure.” But it’s not foreboding negative news, as Engr. George Tardio, speaking in behalf of DICT Secretary Rodolfo Salalima, spoke about what the DICT can do to help our future IT professionals. He said, addressing the participants, “DICT has got your back.”

The importance of user experience and design thinking were also discussed. Gino Cariño, Co-founder and CEO of Makerspace Manila emphasized having a “Design Thinking Mindset” for IT professionals.

Speakers also showed the participants how ICT, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), is changing society, and what the implications of these advancements are with regards to the future of humanity in terms of job opportunities. Microsoft Philippines’ David Tapang said “Science fiction is often the precursor to science fact.” Dr. Prae Seributra, President of Starfish Country Home School Foundation talked about developing innovation skills through project-based learning. She mentioned that a lot of jobs will be taken over by machines, so we need to find what skills to develop in order to prepare of the future.

Talks on trends aside, Y4iT stands as one of the biggest platforms where people can discuss the bigger picture through the lens of information technology. Who has the most potential in furthering the local IT landscape? The youth. Who is also most affected by these advancements? The youth. Kudos to Y4iT for furthering the discussion.


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