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Eyedress’ political “Manila Ice” music video tackles the Philippines’ war on drugs

By Bea Amador

In a time where being openly political gets you instant enemies, artist and singer Eyedress releases the music video for his track “Manila Ice” in an exclusive Pigeons & Planes premiere. Streaming it on Youtube, it’s pretty clear to anyone living in the Philippines that it’s all about the corruption and injustice that plagues the controversial war against drugs.

Gunshots, sirens wailing, heavy breathing–this is how the music video begins. It’s depiction of what Manila’s streets look like today in the midst of the drug war waged by the President. Filled with bloody scenery and images of poverty, the music video shows us the struggles of Filipinos not living in a privileged bubble.

In the video, Eyedress plays the role of the villain, showing us how easily one can get away with murder. He reflects on the corruption that surrounds the controversial war, and illustrates the unjust system that oppresses the poor.

Take a look at music video for “Manila Ice,” directed by Paco Raterta:


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