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Here’s what happens when you throw a party for everyone


Despite the downpour, we did it. We threw a bomb party in a warehouse. Everyone is welcome, no cliques are allowed, and that’s exactly what happened from the issue release that celebrates diversity and creativity, to the musical acts, and the art presented.

We not only brought everyone from different subcultures under one roof, but we did it despite the odds. The general public found their way in Scout General Public at Riverside Studios Makati last Saturday Aug. 11 to celebrate youth culture with us in all ways possible—art, music, games, and, of course, booze. Except this one was extra special.

Created in collaboration with Czar Kristoff, our 32nd issue paints an accurate portrait of today’s youth with Donny Pangilinan leading the pack of 20 individuals, duos, and groups in their respective creative fields—all of whom received the cover treatment at the event.

Alongside the portraits, a mini-gallery composed of user-generated art and Scout-nurtured artists like Railli Reyes, Joshua Villanueva, and Pauline Roy gave an artistic glimpse at what today’s youth can do.

SCOUT is less formal and not intimidating.

We asked them why they chose to exhibit their works in the Scout party despite it being different from typical exhibits. “Scout is one of the reasons why I’m not afraid to be myself, and I feel like I should show that to other people.” Josh explains, an exhibitor who is also To Seventh Heaven‘s creative director and a music producer. “As a digital artist, I don’t see a lot of digital art in normal exhibits. I’m not really confident in expressing my art, but I think this is a good way to show it for the first time. SCOUT is less formal and not intimidating. It is more accepting,” first-time exhibitor Pauline shares.

Following the theme, we wanted to create an ambience that is welcoming in all aspects. Hence, we curated a lineup that would convince every local music lover to join the celebration. We invited musicians from different crowds and united everyone in diversity.

Music producer CRWN set the vibe with his ambient sounds. He was followed by experimental kawaii act Meh Shua whose lively samples and dances didn’t fail to energize us, while local indie band Rusty Machines brought the feels. Pure Mind Quiet Heart and Abra respectively showcased their mad rap skills. When we asked Abra for some takeaways, he shared with us words of encouragement. “Suportahan niyo yung up-and-coming artists. ‘Dun kayo mag-focus sa mga paparating pa lang dahil ang daming bagong breed ng mga talents na talagang solid.”

Jason Dhakal followed suit by serenading us with songs from his EP Night In. While it’s not Jason’s first time attending one of our parties, this one definitely exuded a more welcoming vibe. “I feel like it’s such a different vibe now, it’s much more of a gay hive and I like it. A lot,” Jason shares.

Drum ensemble Samba School Imperatriz Filipinense brought the Philippine samba lifestyle to the party. Hip-hop collective Kartell’em got everybody moshing, while Bawal Clan played their tracks straight off their new album Paid In Bawal. James Reid, Curtismith, Bret Jackson and more from Careless Music Manila stunned us with some smooth R&B.

Closing the lineup was IV of Spades, a veteran Scout performer, whose chemistry transformed the warehouse into a disco club. We asked them about what they were feeling as they take the Scout stage for the second time. Zild shared, “Scout kasi ‘yung parang naging catapult namin para marinig ng mas maraming audience. Parang pamilya sa’min ‘yung Scout talaga. Masaya kami na nandito kami ulit.” For Blaster, it’s a nostalgic experience despite the short time gap between the performances. “Very… nostalgic, kahit last year lang ‘yun kasi ang dami nang nangyari. Para sa’kin is first ever big gig namin ‘yung Scout Music Fest so, it’s fun.”

Badjao, on the other hand, pays homage to the Scout family since the boys go way back with us. He shares his thoughts, “Very happy kami because it all started with Scout kasi, ‘yung big boom namin and we’re very thankful that Scout helped us that year. We’re just giving back to Scout yung help namin.”

In the middle of it all, Scout editor-in-chief Lex Celera extended his warm thanks to everyone who attended. He also called on stage the team where we gave away exclusive Scout Anniversary merch–shirts and posters. To end the short and heartwarming intermission, he imparts “In scout general public, no cliques are allowed. Everyone is welcome. Except the police. Fuck the police.”

You’ve probably seen it all, but we topped ourselves with the most ambitious SCOUT anniversary to date. Besides the diverse lineup, we put together the activities you loved the most—and added some more.

There was a ballpit which awaits prizes in the Lazada booth. San Miguel arranged a beer pong table for college-party lovers. Gluta-C also had their fair share of fun with giving away prizes. They also brought tons of arcade games including Tekken, Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution, and Basketball.

On top of that, we put two photo-op sections where celebrities and attendees alike can capture their bomb outfits. We also made a giant Scout doll courtesy of Hapimeel Studios which wasn’t just pretty but ultra comfortable too! What’s youth culture without streetwear? Local clothing brands had their special space in the party. WSH, DBTK, Wednesday, The Starving Artist, Tenement, Stargate, and MN+LA all had their designated posts.

In case anyone got hungry, no one had to brace the rain as there were tons of food options. Tetsuo were there to serve their famous chicken recipe and more. Grid Iron sold their mouth-watering shawarma. There were also fries, hotdogs, burgers, and assorted street food vendors.

Perhaps it was raining hard, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating the youth–in the streets, in the exhibits, and everywhere in between.

Perhaps it was raining hard, but that didn’t stop us from celebrating the youth–in the streets, in the exhibits, and everywhere in between. We’re eternally grateful to everyone who celebrated with us and those in spirit. We hope this party we threw at a warehouse serves as a reminder that there’s glory in breaking barriers and coming as you are. No cliques. No exclusivity. Acceptance is progress.

Photos by Kiara Gabriel. Get the latest copy of Scout at Metro Manila branches of Powerbooks and National Book Store; you can also get copies in your local university or college. For more information, visit

Scout General Public is co-presented by Lazada; in partnership with San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Flavored Beer; special thanks to Gluta-C, Moringa O2 and Reef; with 99.5 Play FM, Manila Concert Scene, InqPop, Inquirer.Net, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and PURVEYR as media partners.



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