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Clara Benin makes musical comeback with new single “Parallel Universe”

By Denise Fernandez

Singer-songwriter Clara Benin is one of the local scene’s most beloved artists, so you can pretty much imagine how bummed everyone was when she decided to take a break from music and pursue other interests. Though she had a few gigs and performances throughout 2017, fans couldn’t help but wonder when the singer would eventually return with new material to play.

Looks like all our prayers have been answered after Clara dropped her new single “Parallel Universe” just last night. Before releasing the track on Spotify, Clara talked about the song through a live Instagram session with her fans. And it seems like she’s back for good! We’ve heard that she’s in the process of writing more music and we’re crossing our fingers that a new album or EP is in the works for a 2018 release.

In the meantime, we’ve got “Parallel Universe” to listen to in all its heart-wrenching glory. The lyrics talk about lovers not meant to be in this universe, but perhaps in another one instead. BRB, looking for some tissue to cry onto.

Listen to “Parallel Universe” by Clara Benin right here:


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