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This Netflix add-on lets you stream and chat with your friends

If you’re stuck at home with a need to fill up your socialization bar, then you’re in luck. You can now relive the glory days of watching Netflix with your friends without meeting up—all you need is this Google Chrome extension.

Branded as “Netflix Party,” the unofficial add-on lets you sync playback, so you and your friends can watch movies and series at the same time. Alongside this, the extension also comes with a chatroom on the side for real-time commentary among your group. For seamless viewing, all participants must have the extension installed on their Google Chrome browser. A host will set up the room, share the invite link and voilà, you have your quarantine Friday nights settled.

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It should be noted that Netflix Party isn’t an add-on officially sanctioned by the streaming site. As of writing, the extension is only available for Google Chrome users, with no word yet on a possible expansion for other browsers, phone apps and smart TVs. However, according to their Patreon page, new features are in their plans, which includes emojis, built-in voice chat and an expansion to other internet TV sites.

So, there you have it, folks. You don’t have to dodge your friends’ spoilers and miss out on their riveting capslock commentary, even if you’re distances apart. Head over here to download the extension for free.

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