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7 new and solid K-pop releases you should listen to


By Denise Fernandez

The devil may work hard but the K-pop industry works harder. I don’t know what’s been happening for the past couple of weeks but suddenly all these solid comebacks and single releases have been dropping like hot potatoes everywhere?! From JYP goddesses Twice to boy groups Monsta X and Seventeen, the list seems to go on and on.

What’s great is that there’s more to come, like Red Velvet’s comeback as well as Produce 101 Season 2 alumni Wanna One. But in the meantime, here’s a recap of all the great songs that came out in the last few weeks. Whether you’re a K-pop fan or not, these music videos and tracks are more than worth giving at least one shot.

Monsta X – “Dramarama”

I think this whole dramatic ass video is the epitome of an AU fanfiction. Not that it’s a bad thing of course–it’s actually really great? Monsta X is coming for blood. Aside from the track “Dramarama” being totally contagious to listen to, the group’s MV is just filled with all of our fangirly feelings of drama (!!!), intrigue (!!!), and romance (Where are my Shownu x Wonho shippers at?).

Twice – “Likey”

I still enjoyed Twice’s “TT” a lot more, but “Likey” comes really, really close! I apologize to all Twice stans for sleeping on this track when all my friends were spamming me with multiple “me likey likey likey” messages on my group chats. And yeah, okay, I’m a bit late for getting into this song just now, but better late than never, yes? Indeed, me likey. No wonder Twice has already gotten a couple of wins for it (and became the fastest girl group to reach 50M views on Youtube).


Damn, EXID should have dropped this song for the summer because it is hot. I honestly haven’t enjoyed an EXID song this much since “Ah Yeah” and “Up and Down.” Kudos to their team for giving us a total bop. Also, I may be slightly gay for Hani in this music video because the woman is real stunner. Just check 1:45 to know what I mean.

Block B – “Shall We Dance?”

It’s hard to be disappointed with Block B’s music because they’ve got rapper and producer Zico in their group. Simply put, this song will get you to do what it says in its title–dance. Other than that, the gritty, grimy mood of the video is also very much appreciated since it’s different from the pretty things that other boy groups put out there.

Seventeen – “Clap”

What I’ve always loved about Seventeen is how bomb ass their choreo is every single time, and that for some reason, they always seem to be in sync regardless of how many they are?! Not sure if these guys are actually robots, but either way, they’re amazing. The song is catchy and I really appreciate how the group members are portrayed as both manly and playfully boyish at the same time. Seems like Seventeen is finally coming of age and I’m here for it.

gugudan – “Chococo”

This. Song. And. Video. Are. So. Cute. Guys. I’m serious. I adore how quirky the entire Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme they’ve got going on. It was also pretty hilarious that they spoofed a number of famous chocolate brands here, like Ferrero Rocher and Hershey’s Kisses. I’m also sure I wasn’t the only one who got really hungry while watching this MV.

Super Junior – “Black Suit”

I’m glad Super Junior is focusing less on dancing and more on acting in their videos. Though most of their themes might be silly, it’s still fun considering how veteran their group is in the K-pop industry. And they’ve actually still got it–just watch them on the latest Weekly Idol. Happy to see these guys are still alive and kicking.

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