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Nadine Lustre just dropped her new single and it’s a total bop

Nadine Lustre just dropped her new single and it’s a total bop

So it’s quite a shocker that Nadine Lustre dropped her latest song “St4y Up” like a bomb just last night. After she hyped it up on social media for just a brief time, we’re gifted with this gem of a single so soon–no really, it’s extremely good, and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you totally should:

The track, an R&B piece written and produced by Nadine herself with the help of James Reid and CRWN, talks about wanting to stay up all night with a lover (*cough*James*cough*). The music video is currently in the works, which Nadine is currently working on with friend and director Petersen Vargas.

On his Instagram account, Petersen mentions a fan in comments of his photo of himself and Nadine, saying, “Can’t deny Nadine’s passion. Instead of fully resting the past few days, she’s been hard at work editing our MV for #St4yUp on her own ? Can’t wait to share it to all of you guys!”

Won’t you #St4yUp with me… to finish this MV? ?‍♀️

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According to our little birds, Nadine’s about to drop the video sooner than you expect, so keep your eyes peeled.

By Denise Fernandez
Photo courtesy of Petersen Vargas


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