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Nike’s latest tech offering might just be the best new thing for runners

Nike’s latest tech offering might just be the best new thing for runners

From Frank Ocean to Mac Miller to Public Enemy to Geto Boys, Nike has been mentioned in the breath of some of music’s lyrical heavy-hitters. But why? Is it because Nike is one of the biggest, most sought-after brands? Is it because a pair of Nikes just looks good? Why not both?

In a time of chunky sneakers and heavy, rugged boots, fashion is in a weird place for shoes. One thing that we’ll never be out of style? Comfort. Fashion comes and goes, but no one can diss a comfy pair of shoes. And Nike has a ton of those—even for athletes.

Nike’s big when it comes to enhancing the performance of athletes. To name a few, Nike’s footwear line boasts some of the greatest athletes in basketball: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Paul George, each with their own line of footwear. You know they have labs full of experts working on making the next big thing.

And they just might have it.

For runners of all paths, Nike’s got the next big thing for you fresh from their labs: the Nike React technology.  It’s a response to what runners want: more cushion from the impact of each stride,  the energy return needed to stay fresh late in a run, and the ability to withstand wear and tear of impact and elements run after run.

Have you tried running before but hated it in the end because your feet get sore as you went on? Or lose confidence when you run since your feet just felt a little pain each time you step? With Nike React, your feet will feel like you’re stepping on clouds.

It’s good enough for you to have a spring in each step you take. Your day is made the moment you start your daily jog, and it’s all thanks to tons of research and testing condensed to cushions beneath your feet. It’s not all the time you get to run in a place where the roads aren’t suitable for running such as rocky roads or uneven pavements, so why not make sure each run is fun, and most of all, comfortable?

Cushion. Support. Comfort. Runners don’t just want these qualities in their shoes, they need it. And they get all of it in the Nike React tech, hot off the Nike oven. Nike React technology delivers a soft, smooth and responsive ride mile-after- mile and is ideal for distance workouts, recovery and progression runs.

The Nike Epic React will be available on Feb. 22 for P7,645, available at Nike Park Fort, The Athletes Foot Glorietta 2, Nike Park UP Town, and Intersports Vertis.



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