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This stylish smartwatch will convince you to manage your health better and start working out ASAP

This stylish smartwatch will convince you to manage your health better and start working out ASAP

In these bizarre times (read: the pandemic), maintaining a workout routine requires a whole lot of discipline and commitment. 

That feeling that you already know what to do to get back on track but the body just isn’t cooperating? Yup, we feel you. 100 percent.

Enter the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3, which impresses with its sleek aesthetics and overall usability and purpose. Nothing but a smartwatch that screams “exercise now” in all caps, does it? 

Scroll down to read why we’re calling this Scout-approved baby the smartwatch of the future. 

A virtual fitness coach in smartwatch form

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 is literally the fitness coach you might not be able to afford—in smartwatch form.  

We’re talking about a personalized training plan that the device will craft based on your actual physical and running data. And whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the watch will adjust based on how you perform. So really, there is no competition but yourself. 

The GT 3 will support your every move and provide training suggestions on how you can reach your fitness goals. 

And it doesn’t stop there. As you go along, the GT 3 adjusts depending on your overall athletic ability and, get this, how your body responds. Neat, right? It’s not just a one-time set and go thing. It assures that the plan you’re on is suitable and feasible for you. 

Customizable routines to suit your needs

And whoever said you have to change your workout style just for a watch? Remember, the watch adjusts to you, not the other way around. 

Spice up your routines with over 100+ workout modes to choose from including 18 professional workouts, 12 outdoor workouts, and 7 indoor workouts. 

To top it all off, you’ll find everything that makes an active lifestyle a little more rewarding today—from water intake, medication reminders, and sleep monitoring to menstrual cycle reminders and daily mindfulness. We say yas to a smartwatch that can fix our lives. 

Your versatile, all-in-one best friend

For such a pretty little thing, the GT3 packs a powerful punch. The 46mm edition supports a 14-day battery life while the 42mm version can hold its own for 7 days.

And imagine this, you get all that while exercising, listening to over 500 songs, using Voice Assistant, checking on messages and calls, and, yes, sleep included. Seriously, we can’t catch up.

Classic meets future

If we’re talking about how it’ll fit our fits or take over our tech wear tendencies or upgrade our mirror selfies, then this is a standout. The GT 3 combines the classic rounded design of a traditional watch with minimalist lugs, lenses, and lightweight feel to make it look futuristic. 

Did we mention you can change the straps, too? From leather and nylon woven to metal chain and even a chic Milanese strap. Wherever you are, whatever the event, this watch serves

Talk about debunking the notion that fitness watches have to look a certain way. Clearly, the GT 3 isn’t just any smartwatch. 

Get back to your fitness goals with the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 42mm or the HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 46mm. Pre-order yours now. 



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