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5 reasons to attend the first Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Manila

5 reasons to attend the first Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Manila

Reading actual books rather than our respective social media timelines is something we all ought to do some more this coming year. But with the rising prices of physical novels and books these days, it takes a big toll on our pockets if ever we want to hoard our favorite titles. Fret not though, because next week, the biggest book fair ever is coming to Manila and it’s got discounts and deals you need to see to believe.

If you haven’t heard of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, a popular book fair that originated in Malaysia, then y’all are probably in for a treat once it lands on our local shores. Here’s five facts and reasons why you absolutely cannot miss this book lover’s dream come true.

It’s literally the biggest book sale in Asia

No, we’re not kidding. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is always highly anticipated wherever its location is. Picture a giant (air conditioned) warehouse just filled with books of all kinds. People actually line up and camp outside for the opening while bringing suitcases (yes, SUITCASES) because they know that they’re bound to hoard all the books they want to get. Now that it’s come to Manila, this sale is something you can’t miss out on considering how popular it is in other Asian countries.

It has a wide variety of books

They’ve got practically every genre and every kind of book under the sun. Fiction, nonfiction, YA, children’s, art books–whatever you name, they most likely have it. We also heard that they’ll be partnering with local publishers in the Philippines so that folks who’ll be attending can purchase Filipino-authored books should they want to.

The crazy discounts

60% – 80% off on books, people. This book fair is the real deal. Enough said.

It’s open for 24 hours

Because of the crazy crowds this book sale is expecting, the warehouse will be open for 24 hours during its entire run. Now you’ve got no choice but to drop by since you can go as early as 4AM and as late as 11PM. Can’t sleep at night? Best come over to the fair and have some books as company. 

It’s for a good cause

Basically, the purpose of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is because the people behind it want to make reading more accessible to Asians. Due to the high prices of books in regular bookstores, they’ve given a chance for the public to read some more by pricing their books insanely low.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Philippines 2018 will be at World Trade Center, Metro Manila, Pasay City. It will be held from the 16th to the 25th February 2018 and will run 24 hours a day, for 231 hours. For more information, visit their website here.


By Denise Fernandez
Photo courtesy of Big Bad Wolf Books


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