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Can’t Touch This: Art Fair etiquette 101

Can’t Touch This: Art Fair etiquette 101

It’s the Art Fair once again. With that, brace yourselves for the Instagram flood of people nonchalantly posing in front of paintings with their heads to the side. Okay fine, post and promote as you wish, but it goes without saying that vicariously experiencing a work of art online will never compare to seeing it firsthand for yourself. So come on down to the Art Fair from March 1 to 4 from 10AM to 9PM at the Link Carpark, but remember to keep yourself in check with this list of museum/art show etiquette.

Appreciate with your eyes, not your hands

Unless the piece is meant to be touched or interacted with, hands off the art. While this may be the most standard rule to any art show, sometimes viewers’ enthusiasm can get in the way. So please, remember to keep your fingers to yourself and avoid any poking and prodding. You may not be knocking over a hundred thousand-Peso sculpture just yet, but even mere contact with the oils from your skin can result in damages. 

Engage with the artist or curator

Art shows aren’t made so you can stock up on content for your social media feed. So before you go full on serial selfie-taker mode, take the time to actually learn about the art some people only pretend to be interested in for the ‘gram. Each Art Fair booth usually has brochures available. Take one, or better yet — engage with the curator or artist. Guaranteed, they’ve got a story more valuable than the likes you’ll get. 

Photograph with discretion

Taking photos of the art isn’t wrong. In fact, artists could use all the love and promotion they can get, but do so respectfully. Remember to turn off your flash so you don’t accidentally compromise the art, and if you do post, remember to give full credit where it’s due.

Don’t crowd around the art — respect the space

Everyone wants to see each piece for his or herself. Don’t be that guy standing right smack in the middle of a painting for three hours while everybody else stands on their tiptoes, struggling to take a glance. So remember to take a good step back and find your space. Art is for everybody to share.

Don’t eat or drink near the art

This is another art exhibit rule written in gold. It doesn’t matter how careful you think you are. It only takes one misstep for you to trip and spill your glass of red wine on that glorious, pristine piece of art on the wall. The Art Fair has a designated eating area for a reason — stay there if you must.

For ticket prices and other event details, visit the Art Fair website here.

Text by Isabella Argosino
Art by Isabel Drilon
Header image from Art Fair’s official website


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