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See the Mindanao war from a woman’s perspective with “Women of the Weeping River”

Women of the Weeping River, a film that bagged numerous awards and international acclaim, finally gets a much-deserved theatrical release starting today, March 23. Directed by Sheron Dayoc, it is hailed as one of the most outstanding releases of local cinema for its evocative cinematography and powerful prose.

Right on time for Women’s Month, the film tells the story of two women who are caught in an escalating clan war that predates generations. As they confront the blood feud, the protagonists’ journey gives viewers a glimpse of the harrowing realities being faced in our own Muslim communities. Featuring an all-Muslim cast of empowering female leads, this revolutionary narrative of conflict from an often over-looked perspective is also a potent political statement in itself.

It was described by the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival as “cruel but also tender…[it] quietly builds, methodically revealing new layers until, by the end, you’re left floored.” Watch the trailer below.

Catch Women of the Weeping River in select cinemas nationwide.


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