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Calling all creatives! We made the group just for you

SCOUT has always been occupied with where the excitement is: the new, the underground, the things of interest hiding in plain sight. There is no more monoculture, but hundreds, if not thousands of subcultures that can give us structure in our own identity as people, and as creatives.

In that vein, we made a Facebook group, aptly called Scout Family & Friends, to serve as Scout’s creative community hub. We want to be a platform for talent and voices worth hearing, and with this Facebook group we want to bring together  every photographer, fillmmaker, model, stylist, artist, writer, fan, and reader in a group we can call our own. We want to help creatives everywhere to grow. We aim to create a safe space conducive for creatives of every kind to not only share their work, but to hopefully collaborate. And we also want to connect with our readers in a more natural manner.

What can you expect in the group? Here are our ideas:

  1. Looking for a platform to share a cool new thing you made, like a new song or an illustration? Share it with the group! You might even find future collaborators.
  2. Hoping to work with us? We’ll be posting openings every now and then in the group.
  3. Do you have any ideas you want us to know about? Any cool new thing you think we should feature? Share it with us at the group.
  4. Want to get an inside look about what we’re working on, or want first dibs on our giveaways? We’ll be sharing exclusive content for members’ eyes only.

While our social media handles are still open to messages, also think of this group as a direct line to the team itself. Let’s talk! Head over to Facebook and join the group now. Let’s talk.


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